Purchasing Policies

  • Purchasing items:  We Purchase only furniture and accessories that are in suitable condition for resale. If an item has scratches, dents, or stains, or just looks old and worn, then it’s probably not in suitable condition for resale.Upholstered furniture must be from a smoke free, pet free home.  It must be free from rips, tears, stains, bugs, dirt. Items must not have any excessive wear or fading. We do not purchase mattresses, bedding, window treatments, appliances, tools, electronics, clothing, jewelry, toys, or books.
  • delivery of items to our store:  We will be happy to remove the items from your house and bring them to our store for a moving charge as stated in our Client Moving Services document. 
  • how we sell:  Unlike traditional consignment shops that just place consigned items in their shop and passively wait for a buyer to come in, we aggressively pursue buyers by advertising each item from our cellphones with photos, descriptions, and attractive prices on craigslist and numerous apps that target local consumers, such as OfferUp, and Letgo. These apps enable customers to respond to individual items with the tap of a button on their phone. Buyer responses can occur within minutes of listing an item for sale. We keep our phones on us at all times and immediately respond to each buyer response as it comes in. A buyer response could be an offer to purchase at the listed price, an offer to purchase at a lower price, a question, or a request to see the item in person. Our phones are constantly dinging and ka-chinging from customer responses! A ka-ching on our phones can mean a ka-ching in your pocket!
  • item price:  Our goal is to sell items within a couple weeks of advertising them. We set prices to sell quickly and we negotiate with buyers! Before we purchase an item, we’ll examine it, do some research on it, and get back to you with an “offer to purchase"
  • automatic markdowns:  If an item isn’t selling, it’s price is probably too high. So if an item hasn't sold after 30 days, we’ll start advertising it at 90% of the original asking price, and if it hasn’t sold after 60 days, we’ll start advertising it at 80% of the original asking price.